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Gustavo Micheletti’s c.v.

Address: Via Piana 1785 c, 55100, LUCCA, Italy               

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Age: 60 y.o.


University of Pisa graduated with distinction in Philosophy (19/03/84)     
Diploma Machiavelli grammar school Lucca (1974)

Professional experience    


  • From 1984 to 1992, taught History and Philosophy in Italian high schools.
  • September 1992 to June 1993: Italian and Canadian school of Cernavoda, Romania, taught Italian Literature, History and Geography   
  • 1993 to present: taught History and Philosophy in Italian high schools.  



  • 1991: «I pensieri sordi e l'inconscio» (Deaf thoughts and the unconscious), an essay about the history of a philosophical problem from Plato to Heidegger and Freud, Borla, Roma, 1991.  
  • 1997: «Peppermint», a novel, Avagliano Editore, Roma, 1997.  
  • 2002: «Il gergo dell'essere» (The slang of being), an essay about the critics of Adorno e Ortega y Gasset to Heidegger’s philosophical language, Accademia lucchese delle scienze, lettere e arti, Lucca, 2002.  
  • 2005 : «Uomini a perdere» (Disposable men), a book of short stories, Edizioni dell’Erba, Fucecchio (PI).    
  • 2009; «Lo sguardo e la prospettiva» (The view and the perspective), Editrice Clinamen.
  • 2015; <<Una bellissima negligenza>> (A beautiful negligence), Editrice Clinamen.

Currently, he is working on an essay about Simone Weil.     

Cultural Activities   

  • From 1980 to 1984 He worked in Rome as actor;
  • From 1984 to present He worked in italian High school, where He directed also some short movies about different subjets with his students.   
  • 1990: attended a seminar held in Rome by Nikita Michalkov.   
  • From 1987 to 1992: contributed to the cultural sections of the newspaper “La nuova Sardegna” and to the magazines “Cinema sessanta”, "Studi kantiani" , “Il cannocchiale”, "Isonomia", "Dialegesthai", "A parte rei".
  • 1993: directed, in the Town of Lucca, a production of “The garden of Love”, an opera composed by Alessandro Scarlatti (Paolo Antonio Tommasi conductor).   
  • 1999: obtained the diploma of proficiency course in contemporary philosophy at the "Second University of Rome Torvergata”.